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Poison Ivy Video

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 4:31 PM
Hey guys, sorry it took so long but I finally put together a few of the clips from my Poison Ivy photoshoot, I also learned I'm not very good at this video thing yet lol. So hopefully I'll have a new project to show you soon, until then here's the last of my Poison Ivy videos! Thanks guys :)

Here's the video ---> go check it out please! <3

Come see the photos and hang out with me here! :3

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Photoshoot Livestream

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2012, 1:01 PM
Tomorrow night (Wednesday May 16) I will be over at DMac Studio shooting my new Poison Ivy costume! I'm really excited about it and hope a few of you guys will take a few minutes to take a look :)
The stream will be here:… night, likely around 6 PM/ PST .

Also, I've started doing video updates of my work, if you want to see my progress on Ivy check it out here on my Youtube!

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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 3, 2012, 4:40 PM
Hey guys! Hope everything is going well for everyone. It's convention time in Seattle and finals time in Vancouver so everything has been really hectic.
I'm changing things up over on Facebook, my old fanpage didn't work so well on my end so I'm deleting it and making a new one. If anyone wants to keep up with me on a more familiar basis please add me here:

I'll be posting a lot more there, including progress, videos and commissions! Thanks dA, have a wonderful day and see you guys at Sakuracon!

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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2012, 1:21 AM
I was recently visiting LA and I thought I should hit up my good friend Julia (Bubydub) to hang out. She was doing this project for school and asked me to help out. This is the final product :D  I'm starting to really like film over photos <3 She said I was well recieved in her class aww. Take a minute to watch! :3

Lots of new plans coming soon! I've been working on a bunch of new ideas and hopefully I can show you all soon!

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XBOX World Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 24, 2012, 11:28 PM
Last month (December) I was featured in XBOX World!
Thanks so much to Michael Gapper for choosing my Cammy cosplay for last month's cosplay featurette,  it really is an honor! You can follow Michael, the News and Features Editor of XBOX World on Twitter at @michaelgapper
Leave him a nice tweet or something if you have the time! I know I will!

I think my favorite part is the caption at the top left though, I had a good laugh.

So thanks again to XBOX World appreciating my Cammy enough to throw it in with all this lovely FFXII-2 content! I can't wait to actually read the rest of the magazine!

Thanks for reading! :3

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Black Cat Stock Images

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 16, 2012, 11:43 PM
Good Evening dA!
Today I have three new prints/stock photos for you! I really hope you like them. Shot by :iconjagged-eye:  these are of Black Cat or Felicia Hardy from the Amazing Spiderman series.

Black Cat Stock 3 by shut-up-and-duel-me Black Cat Stock 2 by shut-up-and-duel-me Black Cat Stock 1 by shut-up-and-duel-me

Please link back and show me what you come up with if you end up using this stock! Thank you! :)

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:38 PM
Hello everyone, I'm currently in Hawaii but I thought I'd make a quick update here.

Thank you so much for all the positive responses I've been getting over Black Cat, especially the stock photos :iconjagged-eye: posted.
I'm looking forward to any art that comes out of it and posting more!
Tali Black Cat 1a by jagged-eye

I'm still working away on my Street Fighter planned shoot. Which I think I will now post to Facebook.

I also converted my facebook to a completely public profile, so if you want to keep up with my going on's I'd suggest you head over there and drop me a line :3

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, as well as a Great New Years. Have a good one!

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Looking for Street Fighters

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2011, 9:57 PM
Hello deviantart!
I'm sorry I haven't uploaded anything new lately, I've been working hard at school and finding motivation for new and better projects. I can't wait to show you all my progress too!  Life has been wonderful as of late, even with the bombardment of tests and writing papers but living on top of a mountain makes things easy.  My mind has been getting clearer and clearer with every week, kind of a winter cleaning I guess?  I'm starting to forget about the things that made me leave Alberta in the first place, which is what I wanted! And with the constant support I recieve where it matters I feel like its time to stop letting myself get in the way of what I want.

In relevant news, I'm looking for cosplayers for a shoot I've had on my mind for about a month now. It requires only 3 things:
- cosplayers with Street Fighter outfits, or prospective SF outfits
- cosplayers that wouldn't mind getting these SF outfits dirty (ie: blood, slight tearing, makeup)
- cosplayers that live in Seattle or Vancouver

I, basically, want an extremely realistic shoot of the Street Fighter characters to actually look like they've been in a fight! I'm tired of seeing pristine costumes on fighters. Photography has already been discussed and agreed on but I will also need at least a few helpers to set up, hold, and assist us during the shoot.
SO if you're interested please please please shoot me a note or reply or even catch me on Facebook so we can work something out.  I'm assuming it'll be cold out for our shoot, so be ready to suffer for art, but I feel like the results will be worth it.  

Lastly, I've been considering a cosplay blog seperate from dA that would revolve around my cosplay/internet life, as well as eventual prints. I'm taking any kind of opinions I can get, so let me know what you think!

Thanks guys! :3

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Black Cats and Halloween

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2011, 4:31 PM
Today I planned on not doing anything but working on school but even before I woke up the universe wouldn't allow that to happen.
I recieved a very interesting text from a friend about my Cammy cosplay but i'll expand on that a little later when I have more details!

First bit of news is that I am Gore Hose's cosplay girl of the week, it makes me happy to see Cammy finally getting a little love (even though I desperately need to do another).  You can check that out here:…

Second, my Black Cat/ Felicia Hardy wig finally showed up at my dorm today, after sitting around in a box in Calgary for 2 months.

Black Cat
She's going to be my Halloween costume this year since I really have no money or time for anything new at the moment. So as much as I'd like to get something done from my to-do list, it'll have to wait!

Lastly, my uploads will diminish for a little while until I can get some new shoots done! I don't want to bore you all with the same thing all the time :3
Thanks guys, have a great day!

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Stock Images

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 12, 2011, 5:31 PM
Hey guys!
So, as promised, I have posted a few stock images for you guys to play with!

:iconjagged-eye: was kind enough to shoot these, so if you want more or want to see more interesting things or just want more stock go to him!

I had a lot of fun doing these, so let us know what you think.

If you do use these, link back and I'll feature my favorites :3  

Have fun!

Mature Content

Supergirl Stock by shut-up-and-duel-me
Supergirl Stock by shut-up-and-duel-me

Mature Content

Supergirl Stock by shut-up-and-duel-me

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PAX Prime 2011- Update

Fri Sep 2, 2011, 2:58 PM
Expiration Date:

Good news everyone! I'm back from PAX Prime 2011 with new photos and costumes.

After realizing the majority of the voters on my last poll wanted to see Emma Frost, I jumped into in action! So look forward to many more and hopefully beauitful photos to come :3

In another soon to come update, I'm planning on releasing a few stock photos shot by :iconjagged-eye: for some of you incredibly talented artists to work with as well as opening certain pictures up for prints! So look forward to that.

Unfortunatly my activity has been down lately, and I'm very sorry for that, but I'm in the middle of moving to Vancouver, B.C. I'm very excited about the move and I think in the long run it'll help me update more often.

Also, I noticed a giant influx of watchers while I was away so welcome! I'm guessing it was from the Turtle Beach livestream, so thank you for checking out my page! Shoutouts to you guys :3

So, lot of updates are on the horizon and many new ideas and projects to work on! See you guys later!

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PAX Prime

Sun Aug 7, 2011, 11:27 AM
Expiration Date:

Hello dA!
I'm back from Vegas and ready to spend all my remaining time in Calgary sewing, suntanning, and I guess gaming lol

PAX Prime is very soon and I apparently am going to be there or at least in Seattle at the time haha.
So if I am around at PAX I'm planning on wearing Alpha Cammy, Black Cat, and Emma Frost (who was the clear winner of that poll I did, Thank you guys so much!!)  So if you see me please come say hi!

I'll soon be moving to Vancouver as well, I'm very excited to finally just get away from Calgary. I've been considering doing a video blog for while I'm there, any thoughts?

Well that's all for now guys! Hoping to get some new sets up in a while but look forward to post PAX updates!

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Sorry for Party Rocking

Sun Jun 12, 2011, 11:00 PM
Expiration Date:

I'm so bad at updating, I'm sorry!

Recently I've been super busy galavanting around the country though. I just got home from a New York/Kentucky/LA  adventure.

New York is fabulous and I didn't nearly get enough time there to see everything but I did see a broadway play, stayed right in Time Square. We also saw Central Park, Harlem, Soho, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the McQueen exhibit. Very cool, I'm excited to go back someday!  

Kentucky was not as relaxing as I was hoping. We visited during 105F weather :/ Lexington is an interesting college town with so much pride it's obnoxious.  Anyway, we saw the Horse Park ( essensialy a retired race horse park) and witnessed a roller derby... which I'm not sure what I would say about that...

Then I got to LA.  Rest was a thing of the past.  I got to hang out with two of my favorite guys in the known world. Stayed right in Hollywood and took the metro everywhere.  E3 was interesting but I wish I had different shoes since I was unaware of the amount of standing around that would occur :/  Partied at Dim Mok Studios *o* and the party was the next night.  

It all seems like some crazy dream now and I'm rather lonely here in Calgary now.

Now to get ready for Vegas, I guess and then move out to Vancouver!  List of things to get before moving:

- LA Noire
- new headphones omg
- new converse. My feet cry for them

Also, CCEE is next weekend! If anyone is going, you should come by the Red Skull booth to say hi! I'll be supergirl  all weekend!

If you want to see any photos from my trip they're all here on my Tumblr!…

Oh Anon deviant, you're so sweet! Thank you for the premium membership!

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Making Plans

Tue May 3, 2011, 2:53 PM
Expiration Date:

Well, Sakuracon came and went so fast it feels like it was never here.  
It was an incredible weekend and I miss Seattle like crazy.

   I've been working on alot of projects lately: sewing projects, business projects, physical fitness (took up yoga a while ago), and soon I'll have to run off to Kentucky to visit family.

  Otafest is looking like a go. I will be two different versions of Panty (which I will post soon I promise).

CCEE will also be good! Supergirl was so successful at Sakuracon that I'll be wearing her again in June. I was kind of hoping to perhaps fix and rewear Black Cat as well but we'll see, maybe Cammy will make another appearance instead.

Hope everyone is having a great May~

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Mon Mar 14, 2011, 12:44 PM
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Some generous anon seems to have given me a premium account for a few months! I wish whoever you are would let me know so I can thank you properly!
but thank you dear Anon <3 I'll put my account to better use thanks to you!

So this isn't what I should be doing right now since I have essays upon essays to finish but just a minor update:

Marvel Madness is this weekend! Marvel vs Capcom has been out for little over a month and Calgary is holding a tournament!  I have yet to decide if I'll bring a costume but at this point it looks pretty bleak. I'm excited to see everyone again and hopefully party our faces off!

Sakuracon is just over a month away!! I've been finding it hard to work on any sort of cosplay lately, motivation is lacking, but I'm hoping everything just falls together lol
My schedule right now looks like:

Griselda- Odin Sphere with two lovely ladies accompanying me as Gwen and Velvet! <3
Panty- Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Easily what I am most excited for!

Rydia- FFIV. Wasted all my ideas on Terra, this is hard ;__;
Cammy- Super Street Fighter 4. Saturday fight night, gogogo.

Anyway, I'll be back soon with hopefully new content.

Thank you again to generous anon <3 you have my love!

I hate to do this but please convince me these are bad ideas

1) I... want to be a Claymore, Teresa to be more exact. I remembered today I already have a wig that would work for her as well :/ but what kind of reuse could that get? I sure wouldn't be able to sell it after since it seems like nobody watched/reads Claymore and I don't want anymore costumes sitting around my house, hnnng but I love Teresa ;A;
  This is a picture of her:…

2) I have not-so-recently found myself addicted to Monster Hunter and their glorious armor sets. Especially Bone Armor (Blade) set. It's like Kirin but less fur.... which brings me to my next point, I like Kirin too ;A; Resell value is a little higher on this since everyone seems to be getting into the MH costumes, but would also take alot more time to make...
and a picture of these:… and…

3) and quite probably my dumbest idea so far, I want to make one of the Valkyrie sisters from Odin Sphere. Shut up it's not overdone at all, not at all.
So, I have these wings sitting around from when I made Sailor Cosmos, I'll never use them again and frankly, I'd be sad to just throw them out... So I thought about what characters have feathers but not huge wings and, of course, Odin Sphere pops up.  Gwendolyn, although beautiful and I love her, is so overdone and really, I don't suit her personality, which is why I've been doing Velvet for so long. Griselda though... that's a different story, although only a minor character I've always liked her character.  So, what I'm trying to get at here is, I want to use my old wings to make Griselda... yeah... but my main problem is... can/how do you dye feathers?
Also, here is a picture of her:…

I'm done fantastising and really I don't know where I stand with most plans right now anyway so... really just convince me these are stupid ideas please. Thank you.
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On my travels through the internet today, feeling pretty down and lonesome I found this, on of all places /cgl/:

Anonymous 07/13/10(Tue)02:33 No.3262075  

    Dear Tali;

    You're one of the nicest people I've ever met. Not to mention you're one of the most gorgeous girls I've ever layed my eyes on. Every character you cosplay, you fit perfectly and it leaves me both jealous/in love with them.
    I want to say that you have a lot of fans in the Alberta cosplay community and we all don't hate you and your friends. Keep up the good work!
    (By the way, did you make your Yoko costume? Talk about perfect.)

    Most of the Alberta cosplay scene.

My face:…

Dear Anon;

I don't know who you are, I can't even narrow it down but whoever you are, you don't know how much this means to me. I could go on for hours about what it means but just know you have my love and is something I needed to hear. <3 I'm sorry I didn't reply to your thread but I try to not post on cgl as much as I can. I hope you see this.

My love in return,
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July 2 already.

I'm sick, again. Big surprise. I'm starting to really wonder if I have a immune system deficiency. Anyway my life lately has been boring and uneventful thanks to being out of school. I hate it. I need a new hobby. Cosplay just doesn't cut it anymore, even though I am working on a few new projects. Unfortunately my desire and drive is at a low, so much that I have to question myself and the people around me, especially close relationships, I feel alot of my past insecurites surfacing.  I hate to sound like a whiny bitch all the time on here but I really don't talk about it elsewhere.

The school is also fucking me around but really... I have nothing I can do about it right now, so I'll sit back and see what happens.

Anyway, relevant things:

Projects working on:


Red bubble dress
      I have the fabric and pattern, it's just a matter of starting it.
Diamond Crevasse
      The original blue dress from the series, I need to find a suitable material for it and find a not-expensive as fuck blue wig.
Diamond Crevasse- movie version
     I haven't even seen the movie but I love this outfit. I need to figure out a fabric to use, colors, wig, everything. Probably won't be done til winter though.

AAAAAA I AM SO EXCITE. I've already been gathering little green things I find at work for free and figured out the design for the most part. I am more excited for the fabric I got for Skye though, it's gorgeous *A* She'll be the prettiest Rosa ever.
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So I think I'm going to end up entering this stupid ACParadise cosplay contest... I'm not sure why but I feel like I desperately want that Sheryl book ;A;  Keith agreed to do some new photos of my Sheryl this weekend, I'll fix/finish things I didn't have for Sakuracon/Otafest. I feel so conflicted about entering though, it's always been and probably always will be a popularity contest... I'm not one to go out of my way to make good impressions in the cosplay community so I really have no chance BUT Keith and I believe it's worth a shot, and it'd be nice to have more Sheryl pictures... Ugh I'm just conflicted.

Only a week left of spring semester, got my Midterm mark and essay mark back this week, both A and A+, fuck yeah. One essay left and a final then I'll be done for the summer. Haven't decided whether or not to take more hours at work, it'd be nice to have more money to not spend but I also find myself going crazy when I'm there for more than 4 hours at a time :/

We realized now that central america is in rainy season over the summer so that Mexico/carribean trip might not happen :/ but Johnny and I still might go somewhere, just not sure where!
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Updating my dA journal? forget it...

I guess I can do that...   Last weekend was Otafest. I had more fun than any other year I've gone and recieved the least wank this year as compared to previous years. Do these things correspond? perhaps, perhaps!  I kept to myself and my small group of friends this year since I rarely ever get to see them and I had a ball harmlessly trolling this hallway con to our best of abilities. The best parts were when we were not at Otafest though, rather at the Ming becoming communist, at Twisted being fags ( it ended horribly), or late night hottubing.

The good:
- partying
- comfortable costumes
- half a dozen milkshakes
- U MAD?

The bad:
- getting sick at twisted
- getting in a fight at the bar
- no johnny, all weekend... the worst
- little photoshoot time
- COSPLAY COMPETITION. Holy crap I wanted to shoot myself.

Awesome weekend was awesome and I am in withdrawl.
Unfortunately enough for me, strangely good I decided on no Fanime though, I have papers, midterms and Johnny's play is next week.  The paper is slowly sucking the life out of me, a very interesting topic, analizing and comprehending a set of lyrics of your choice, leave it to me to pick the red hot chili peppers though... yeah, I'm the most depressed. Lyrical genius but what a sad life Anthony leads.  Strangely I connect with it on such a different level than I previously thought I would, I feel myself wanting to know and help whoever this poor man is.

Anyway uhm, the play! Holy shit it's over next week, I have a few more costumes to prepare but I think it'll be okay in the end, I have all weekend to get that done along with the essay and studying for my midterm.  I will be so happy when this is over so I can not have to think about it all the time.
Work is good, school is great, it's snowing... I guess mental life is going pretty swell. Thanks to my life mantra "haters gonna hate" I've really just stopped caring about things I can't change. Love life is excellent, sometimes I hate him and want to ask what the hell he's thinking but only when I'm not around him, weird. It's been over a year and a half now, I've stopped counting months and I still can't get enough. I won't go into that here though. I'm finally feeling something in return, for the longest time I could never feel anything in return for a boyfriend, it's a big step.

Wow, long entry right? sorry.

Art and cosplay wise (RELEVANT TO dA)
I feel like I want to start doing more artsy photoshoots than cosplay. With themes and such... I have a bunch of themes in mind that personally affect me, some really dark, some super phantasmal, some involving water and some really plain, but I have no idea where to start or who to ask! Perhaps I should just do self portraiture, be vain tali. I haven't taken a picture of myself outside of cosplay progress for... what seems like years.

Lightning turned out to be a great failure. Thanks to me not fitting the vest properly or styling the wig I looked like a tool. Personally I'm glad I didn't win anything for it because I would have been angry with otafest. I want to remake the vest for sure and thin out the wig a little, perhaps make a gunblade and then Gabby will join me as Serah <3
I have so many plans for cosplays, but only concerning my last few for next years sakuracon and CCEE. Sakuracon is looking great with some Evangelion varients (AAAA I'M NOT SAYING ANYTHING BUT, TESTING /trollface).  Skye and I are also going to take on FFIV next year. VI was the best but I feel like my Rydia doesn't measure up. SO I'll be redoing that and Skye will make the prettiest Rosa ever. We're talking about doing a panel and I'm incredibly game for it, SOO I'm really looking forward to it!
CCEE I've got myself talked into so many different options, RedSkull wants me as Supergirl for their booth but, I'd want to remake it for several different reasons, I'm really feeling Black Widow,(because I just love Scarlett so damn much), Johnny wants to be Nick Fury (NOT ALT UNIVERSE, THANKS) So perhaps I can do that for him, he'd be fucking adorable as Fury.
ALSO I've been oggling Rin's Meltdown design lately, I might make it, shut up I'm not out of cosplay yet.  I think over summer I might do Meltdown and possibly a casual Sheryl design.

Sorry guys, this is ridiculously long and full of feelings.  I think thats all I have to say though